Restaurant POS Features

IRS Restaurant POS System help you on manage your table plan, inventory, sales, customers, suppliers, reports, staffs and many more.

Table Plan – No More Arduous Waiting!

Too many customers coming at any one time? Too much hassle to handle? You can now have a peace of mind with the IRS Table Plan feature. With this feature you can handle as many incoming customers at ease because the system simply helps you to effectively manage the seats arrangement and therefore minimizes long waiting hours!


Its user-friendly interface allows waiters and waitresses to take order from customers and better coordinate the standard service. Fast ordering and quick services satisfy happy customers. With iWaiter, your waiters can now take orders under no pressure.

Split bill – You Bill, We Split!

Billing is all about effectiveness and flexibility. The IRS Point of Sales Billing System works in a special way in tandem with your customers’ orders. The bill items will split systematically even if there are multiple orders. With it you can now manage their bills and your system easily and efforlessly!

Transfer table – Sit Wherever They Want!

Having headache transferring customers’ seats? Wait no more because the IRS Table Transfer feature can do it at a click of the button. Yes, with just a few seconds you can help your customers transfer their tables or seats without reformatting their previous seats!

Membership Point Management – Add Value to YOUR Customers!

We know that you value your customers. With the IRS Membership Point Management feature at hand, you can enhance customer loyalty by turning on an ongoing point accumulation system. A point redemption facility is already in store to guarantee long term customer satisfaction and repeated sales.

Mobile Sales Reporting – Staying Up-to-Date at your Fingertip!

IRS Point of Sales system enables you to check your daily business sales, stock management and multi-branch connectivity status in real time DIRECTLY via your mobile phone Anytime and Anywhere, with the naccessibility of high-speed internet connection. That means you can travel and manage your business at the same time!

Multi-Store Management – Wider coverage with IRS!

IRS Multi-Store is a program that permits branches to send their transactions (sales, customers, inventory, vnedor data &etc) to Head Office for consolidation. IRS Multi-Store uses the internet for communication, makeing it inexpensive to operate.


– English,Chinese & Malay

– Table Plan
– Combine Bill
– Split Bill
– Transfer Table
– Kitchen Message
– Up To 16 Kitchen Printer
– Condiment
– No Day End Closing

– Cash Sales
– Print Address Label
– Customer Transaction History
– Customer Point Management

– Stock Re-Order Reminder
– Print Barcode Using Barcode Printer Or Normal Printer (Inkjet or Laser)
– Promotion Price Setting
– 6 Levels Selling Price
– Multi UOM (Unit Of Measurement)
– Multi Supplier

– Purchase Order
– Goods Receive
– Print Address Label
– Supplier Transaction History

– Security Access Level Controls
– Commission Calculation
– Staff Attendance

– Send SMS (Via Internet)
– Send Email

– Sales Profit Listing
– Sales Analysis Listing
– Customer Sales Listing
– Top Sales By Item,Sales & Profit
– Stock Listing
– Inventory Audit Trial
– etc

– Integrated with Mykad Reader (To Read Customer Information)
– Integrated with Mifare Reader (Member Card Reader-Touch)
– Integrated with Data Collector
– Change Skin (Screen Colour)
– GST Ready
– View Daily Sales Through Handphone

– Integrated with SQL Acount (www.sqlaccountingsoftware.com.my)
– Integrated with Mykad Reader (To Read Customer Information)
– Integrated with AutoCount
– Integrated with SAP

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