Retail POS System Features

IRS Retail POS System helps you track and maintain your entire business inventory effectively!

Efficient Inventories Management – IRS Takes the Load Off Your Mind!

IRS Point of Sales system helps you track and maintain your entire business inventory effectively. Our management software is designed to lighten your burden in stock counting; your stock management tasks become even easier while the risk of losing your valuable stock items is being taken care of.

Membership Point Management – Add Value to YOUR Customers!

We know that you value your customers. With the IRS Membership Point Management features at hand, you can enchance customer loyalty by turning on an ongoing point accumulation system. A point redemption facility is already in store to guarantee long term customer satisfaction and repeated sales.

Mobile Sales Reporting – Staying Up-to-Date at your Fingertips!

IRS Point of Sales system enables you to check your daily business sales, stock management and multi-branch connectivity status in real time DIRECTLY via your mobile phone Anytime and Anywhere, with the accessibility of high-speed internet connection. That means you can travel and manage your business at the same time!

Multi-Store Management – Wider coverage with IRS!

IRS Multi-Store is a program that permits branches to send their trasactions (sales, customers, inventory, vendor data&etc) to Head Office for consolidation. IRS Multi-Store uses the Internet for communication, making it inexpensive to operate.

SMS & E-mail – IRS provides you with the Best Saes & Marketing solution!

With the SMS & Email features in our IRS Point of Sales system, your clients will receive promotional advertisements of your company in no time. This is how IRS helps you to better communicate your products to your clients using the quick and easy way. Internet marketing has never been easier with IRS!

Customer Relationship – IRS Understands What Your Customers Want!

Which other functions can do much better than the IRS Customer Profiling Function? With this special feature in the IRS Point of Sales system, you can then zoom in on your customers’ profile to view their buying trends as well as getting a bird eye’s view of your customer base and size, from time to time!


– English,Chinese & Malay

– Invoice, Cash Sales & Delivery Order
– Sales Order, Quotation
– Print Address Label
– Customer Transaction History
– Customer Point Management
– Treatment Management
– Prepaid Management
– Appointment Management
– Measurement Management
– Survey Report
– Service Report

– Stock Re-Order Reminder
– Print Barcode Using Barcode Printer Or Normal Printer (Inkjet or Laser)
– Promotion Price Setting
– 6 Levels Selling Price
– Serial Number Management
– Package Setting
– Expiry Item Management
– Weight Item management
– Matrix Item Management (Item With Colour & Size)
– Multi UOM (Unit Of Measurement)
– Multi Supplier

– Purchase Order
– Goods Receive
– Print Address Label
– Supplier Transaction History

– Security Access Level Controls
– Commission Calculation
– Staff Attendance

– Send SMS (Via Internet)
– Send Email

– Sales Profit Listing
– Sales Analysis Listing
– Customer Sales Listing
– Top Sales By Item,Sales & Profit
– Stock Listing
– Inventory Audit Trial
– etc

– Integrated with Mykad Reader (To Read Customer Information)
– Integrated with Mifare Reader (Member Card Reader-Touch)
– Integrated with Data Collector
– Change Skin (Screen Colour)
– GST Ready
View Daily Sales Through Handphone Account
– Integrated with SQL Account (www.sqlaccountingsoftware.com.my)
– Integrated with AutoCount
– Integrated with SAP

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